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Activ8 Wellness Studio provides a variety of multi-disciplinary, multi-practitioner services each facilitated by a trained and accredited professional.


Physiotherapy is an effective way to treat a multitude of the common problems many people experience. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help your muscles, joints, nerves, and circulation work to their full potential, helping repair damage and reducing pain and stiffness.


The Activ8 philosophy is one that ensures a fitness experience like no other. It is one that is non-intrusive, ultimately resulting in increased compliance and the achievement of optimal results.The outcome is decreased body fat, increased muscle tone, increased core/abdominal strength, improved flexibility, strengthened immune system, improved self esteem, and an over-all increase in sense of wellness.

Massage Therapy

Today, the benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression, and more.


Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to achieve optimal body function, helping the body to heal itself. The treatment is firmly rooted in Science, proven to safely aid common concerns such as headache, neck and back pain and to support treatment of a range of more serious conditions. Activ8 additionally provides access to state-of-the-art chiropractic technologies to enhance the efficacy of care.


At Activ8 we provide several solutions for mechanical braces. Mechnical braces are a very useful tool to aid in the recovery process because it reduces the range of motion to a limited amount. Mechnical braces are also very useful for injury prevention such as ACL injuries.


At Activ8, acupuncture is a significant point of expression for our holistic wellness approach incorporating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). We believe that acupuncture helps to unify the body and create balance, enhancing everything from digestion to energy levels.

Corporate Services

Corporate wellness programs are designed to nurture wellness in workers, and are among the most vital investments that a company can make. Businesses that start Corporate Wellness programs are not only investing in the physical wellness, safety, and mental health of their employees, but are also taking preventative measures by creating a healthier environment.

  • Groups can receive a reduced rate for fitness, nutrition and global wellness packages
  • On-site or off site seminars and wellness programs available to suit individual needs
  • Flexible hours to suit all business types

BTE Testing

With over 25 years of technological innovations, BTE Technologies is widely regarded as the leading provider of advanced solutions for functional testing and injured worker assessment. BTE partners with clinics across the U.S. and Canada in an ever-growing network to meet the needs of industry and insurers. BTE has developed quality testing programs that provide effec-tive injury prevention, workplace reintegration, and post-offer of employment testing.


"Activ8 your life, and see the difference it can make in you!"

  • In the beginning...

    Historically, there was a great division between fitness and rehabilitation. The Activ8 Wellness Studio is the epitome of the fusion between fitness and rehab, offering our clients a contemporary environment to achieve their healthiest goals.

  • The location...

    Our facility brings the gym to the clinic by housing both under one roof. The Activ8 Wellness Studio is conveniently located on the Hamilton Mountain on Upper James near Rymal providing a central location for clients from Ancaster, Westdale, West, East and Central Mountain.

  • The building...

    In a completely new and renovated building, Activ8 ensures an environment that is conducive to privacy, intimacy, and attention to detail. At Activ8 Wellness Studio you are not a number, but rather, a priority.

  • The amentities...

    Activ8 Wellness Studio houses a fully equipped gym, massage rooms, physio rooms and more. Our facility helps you with all of your health needs in a luxurious and inviting environment.

  • Be Part

Our Vision

1662 Upper James Street, Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1K5
905 538 2410

 The Activ8 vision is quite simple: to ensure that the utmost care and attention is provided in assisting in our clients’ achievement of optimal health and wellness in a multi-disciplinary, multi-practitioner environment.

 Activ8 Wellness Studio and its health practitioners are accredited professionals and have vast experience and knowledge in their respective fields, providing treatment and maintenance for our clients.

 The result: clientele success, safety, and satisfaction.

 Health and wellness goals are achieved in an environment that is motivational and convenient -- one that fits your needs and helps you meet your goals. Care provision is conducted in a courteous and attentive manner by trained professionals, with the client’s needs always the utmost priority. Our facility provides a contemporary and relaxed setting in which to work on meeting your objectives.

 Ultimately our vision is to have you feeling, looking, and living better than ever. Activ8 your life, and see the difference it can make in you!

Hours of Operation:

Day Hours Lunch (Closed)
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Monday 7am-7pm noon-3pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm 1pm-2pm
Wednesday 7am-7pm noon-3pm
Thursday 10am-6pm 1pm-2pm
Friday 7am-7pm noon-3pm
Saturday 8am-1pm -

Success Stories

Our Amazing Team

Tim Battaglia

B.Kin, MBA

Clinic Director

Ryan Langille

B.Kin MSc (PT)

Registered Physiotherapist

Ashley Cameron


Amanda Walton


Registered Massage Therapist

Chris Nedelko


Chris De Faria


Certified Kinesiologist

Dr Amanda Scione

B.Sc. Kin., D.C.

Chiropractor and Acupuncture Provider

Joseph Thomas


New & Existing Patients

Thank you for choosing (or considering) Activ8 Wellness Studio, a complete wellness centre offering a range of services delivered by a caring and certified experienced team of professionals.

Whether you seek improved performance, rehabilitation, weight loss, pain reduction, or general wellness care, our team will put health in your hands by designing a custom program incorporating appropriate physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathic, massage, fitness, nutrition and more. We guide and support people to reach their health and lifestyle goals through better choices. Your personalized treatment package based on your needs and goals will be discussed and delivered in a unique healing environment rich in quality information.

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